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Experiencing a Content Marketing Challenge or Two? You’re Not Alone

Much like in school, where you’ve probably heard more than one teacher say to your class, “If you have any questions, please ask them, because chances are, you are not the only one in the room with the same question,” it seems as though online marketing bares no difference.

Survey Says…

Many industry reports as of late, specifically the B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends survey, reveal that the majority of content marketers are experiencing the same content-related challenges.

According the B2B Content Marketing survey, 41% of content marketers feel their biggest content marketing challenge is producing engaging content. Other common content marketing challenges included:

  • Remaining relevant and compelling in the eyes of consumers
  • Finding the right channels to distribute content
  • Taking the time to create enough content
  • Maintaining a sustainable content marketing process

Despite these challenges, the fact remains the same – content marketing is the future of online marketing. Now’s the time you need to stare those content challenges straight on, and kick them to the curb!

Find New Inspiration

Content marketing is a process that requires consistent delivery and engagement with consumers, but how do you keep up with their constant demand for quality content?

Have you ever thought about going directly to the source? Looking to your target audience for inspiration is one of the best ways to write the kind of content that will attract quality consumers. Ask them questions, request their feedback and address their concerns.

Everyone makes mistakes – even you. Somewhere throughout your career as a marketer, you must have taken a misstep at one point or another. Share your experiences with your followers by using those mistakes to inspire new content that will help educate your readers on how to avoid similar mistakes.

Get Connected

Social Media is here to stay, and your presence is vital to your success as a marketer in this new content-driven landscape. Hopping into the social media pool can be intimidating for those who have yet to dip their toes in the water. The list of social networks keeps on going and going – maybe even more so than the Energizer bunny.

Distributing your content through social media networks picks up in a virtual word of mouth fashion as users continue to share your posts, connect with you, and engage in real-time.

Don’t dive in and try to sign up for every “hot” new network right away. Take a step back and research which social networks make the most sense for your business. Obviously, you’ll want to use Twitter and Facebook, but look further into niche networks based on the interests of your target market.

Creating an account and posting a piece of content every so often just isn’t going to cut it with your followers. Make sure you remain active and present on these sites to offer true value to your social media connections.

When There is No Time, Make the Time

If you want to stay relevant and compelling in the eyes of your readers, you need to be visible and remain in front of them. They key to this is maintaining consistency.

There may only be a set number of hours each day, but you can maximize the time you have by formulating a plan and sticking to it. The best way to accomplish this, and preserve a sustainable content marketing plan, is by making an Editorial Calendar.

The best performing blogs update their posts at least once a day. If you’re just starting out, commit to blogging at least once a day. Organize your blog posting schedule with your Editorial Calendar by keeping track of upcoming deadlines, trending topics, events, and other content opportunities to keep your content plan fresh, organized, and most of all, consistent.

Don’t Neglect Home Base

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and the same is true of your branding efforts. Although your goal may not be to have your brand as recognizable as Coca Cola, you may have dreams of reaching top honors among the heavy hitters in your niche, or even your industry as a whole.

In all your efforts to create the best content out there, don’t neglect your home base, in this case, your website. Your website supports your online strategy and serves as the landing space for consumers who come from your other web properties – it is the epicenter of your online presence.

Rise above these content marketing challenges and use content marketing to establish your brand, project it on your website, social profiles, and email newsletters. The key throughout this process is to remain present and helpful while providing consistent and quality content.


This Article is brought to you by: Jessica Negri

Jessica Negri works as a Copywriter at CPA Network Blue Global Media. As part of the Blue Global Media team, Jessica helps to enhance the company’s in-house campaign optimization efforts through creating quality content.

2 thoughts on “Experiencing a Content Marketing Challenge or Two? You’re Not Alone

  1. The most challenge for me is that I could barely find time to write at least one high quality inspirational content everyday. And it’s extremely hard to find a qualified writer if not for the price issue.

  2. If you properly set a keyword strategy, you will find within it a constant flow of content to keep your blog fresh and keep you writer’s block-free!
    1. Pin-point what it is you want to talk about
    2. Put yourself in a consumer’s shoes regarding how you’d go about searching for that subject matter on Google/Bing
    3. Do some research on tags/keywords to find other keywords related to the top 3-4 (to start)
    4. Write! Create content that is relevant and engaging.

    By strategizing your keywords, you’ll always have something to write about and your work will be optimized and search-engine ready! Be sure to use a targeted keyword in your title as close to the beginning as possible.

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