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LinkedIn Tips Even An Affiliate Could Use

LinkedIn is the most misunderstood social network out there. They say 80% of people aren’t using LinkedIn the way they’re supposed to. That’s a large majority of confused users. It was only after reading that post that the realization struck me. I may be part of the 80%…

What’s the big deal? It’s just a social network right? What’s so hard about creating a profile and connecting with people?

Oh what, just cause you’re an affiliate you don’t need to network?

inside frack jokeFrack that.

Most affiliates I know network with people that do graphic design, programming, and writing on a daily basis. You may not be outsourcing your work through LinkedIn but you might end up meeting some influential people.

The truth is that there isn’t anything difficult about it. But most folks are getting caught up in making such a whiz-bang profile they forget the second part (arguable the most important part). Connecting and outreach.

So after some research and self examination it only seemed appropriate to share some tip gems on both aspects of LinkedIn mastery. Here we go…

Building the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

#1 Use Appropriate Keyword Phrases in Your Heading and Title – The heading and the title offer two very different opportunities within LinkedIn. Your title makes you searchable within the platform. And the heading gives you the chance to expand on your title and speak to your ideal connections.

#2 Use a Vanity URL – Just like facebook, you can use a vanity url within LinkedIn. It makes your profile look complete, as if you created it on purpose 😉

#3 Build Your Resume – Now that your profile is filled out to the max take it a step futher. Add your resume. LinkedIn has a resume builder tool. Use it. It will help you turn your completed profile into a professional, attractive resume.

You may not think you need a resume as an affiliate. And that may be true. For now. What happens when that offer you’ve been living off of get’s pulled? What happens when Google pulls your rank away? What happens when any number of affiliate nightmares happen? You rely on your go to skills. Providing consulting or services will pay the bills. No one is immune. Just sayin…

Connecting and Reaching Out to Build a Network

#1 Personally Welcome and Acknowledge Your Contacts – I’m as guilty as can be when it comes to acknowledging new contacts. That’s not the best way to make connections though. When you connect, drop a line. Say hello and get to know people that want to connect with you.

#2 Make Connections By Giving Back – Hop in LinkedIn’s Answers section from time to time. Help people in need and you’ll be rewarded over time. Don’t believe it? Just try it for a month, see what happens.

#3 Mine Your Contacts for Journalists In Your Niche – This is a NINJA tip for using LinkedIn a different way. It’s still all about connecting though. This blog post has images and step by step instructions on how to find contacts in your niche. This is a great way to find guest blogging opportunities, link ops, etc. There’s more to LinkedIn that meets the eye!


How do you use LinkedIn – share in the comments below

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