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Niche Spotlight – Acne Products

Acne treatment products have been a hot product to promote for years now. It’s what you might call a “classic” niche. There is a huge pool of buyers. And those buyers are desperate for a viable solution to their problem. Game. Set. Match.

Here are two offers from the vault that have excellent landing pages and payouts.

#1 Dermology Free Trial Offer

Advertiser: http://coupon.dermology.com
Network: Market Health
Lead ($) : 40
OfferVault Listing – http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/21446/dermology-acne-treatment/


# Revitol Acnezine

Advertiser: http://www.acnezine.com/
Network: Above All Offers
Lead ($) : 24
OfferVault Listing – http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/188207/acnezine-acne-skin-care-treatment/


Niche Site Example

acne affiliate example

Example Banner

acne affiliate banner ad example

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