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Colors That Increase Conversions

Colors That Convert

Converting your visitors is the ultimate goal of any online marketer. It doesn’t matter what the conversion is either. It could be a click, a signup, or a sale. Getting your traffic to take the action you want them to take is absolutely essential.

There are a lot of different factors that come into play to make this happen. Conversion is part science and part art. Getting it right on the first try never happens. That’s why we test everything.

Here are a few of the generally accepted factors to test when it comes to conversion

  • Headline
  • Proof
  • Offer
  • Calls to Action
  • Colors

Each of these have their own set of “generally accepted” factors to boot. As you can tell by the title of this post we’re going to take a look at colors and their factors.

Derek Halpern of Socialtriggers.com fame recently produced a fantastic video discussing the nuances of color in your design. He lays it out in really easy to understand terms. But what I like best is his advice on “action colors.”

Take a peek here – go on, it’s a short one.

So what part of affiliate marketing can you use this for? I’d hope that was obvious but here are few ideas

  • overall site design
  • email optin forms
  • call to action buttons and links
  • product comparison tables
  • product review pages
  • presell pages
  • banner ads
  • html emails

And probably several other things I’m missing right now.

Have you tested colors in your marketing? Leave a comment below

3 thoughts on “Colors That Increase Conversions

  1. that’s cool… but, what about to the call to action Text.
    I mean they remember the blue Apple word, but we don’t want user to remember, but to take action. So, do you have any suggestion? like insert Click Here, or something More specific to the product?

    thanks for the useful video!

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