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10 Things You Should Bookmark

I’m a fan of great content. Who isn’t, right? Recently I came across a great piece from the Conversion Rate Experts.  It’s called “Resources We’ve Bookmarked Recently.” And as you may have guessed it’s a simple but handy list of great pieces of online marketing content they’ve come across recently.

As they say – imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’m going to share with you some of the best resources I’ve come across in the Online marketing and affiliate marketing space recently.

  1. Resources We’ve Bookmarked Recently – It wouldn’t be cool not to link out to this posts inspiration. Besides there are some killer links on this page. Lot’s of great content on a variety of topics.
  2. The Ultimate Guide on How To Test Your Landing Pages  – This is a snazzy infographic from invesp.com via Imgrind.com. It’s an easy to consume inforgraphic with a nice text version below it. Solid fundamentals and a few nuggets of gold here.
  3. Google Analytics Reference Guide  – This is a free pdf guide that defines and describes pretty much every aspect of GA. Think of it as a cheat sheet.
  4. My Niche Website Is Live, Now What?  – This is a very detailed blog post on exactly how and what you should do to build a niche website. Spencer (the author) even shares the site with us. He obviously knows people will swipe it but spends money on it to help educate despite that. Pretty cool.
  5. 1 Tool That Will Change The Way You Build Landing Pages  – Yes, this is one of our own blog posts. But it’s ok because it has a link to one of the coolest tools you can use to build landing pages for free. It even has a video tutorial embedded.
  6. Boldomatic – Their slogan is “Getting Attention Just Became Easier.” It’s a neat little app that let’s you create an image with text on it. That’s it, that’s all it does. But it does it in a very cool, bold way. It’s social too. Think of it as a text based Instagram.
  7. Adexchanger  – This is an industry news site on everything RTB and ad exchange related. There is a ton of great stuff to read here if you want to get caught up on RTB traffic info.
  8. LeadPages  – A new service that let’s you create squeeze pages, landing pages, launch pages, sales pages and more. It looks really flexible and the pricing is fair. Def something to check out if you need landing page help.
  9. 2 Tips on Becoming an Awesome Affiliate –  Andre shares 2 essential tips to killing it as an affiliate. He’s the man.
  10. Measuring Your Link Building with Google Analytics –  Measuring the success of your linking has always been challenging. This is a great guide on how to use Google Analytics to do that.

What do you think of our list? Got anything to add to it? Would you like us to keep creating these lists for you? Let us know in the comments below.

One thought on “10 Things You Should Bookmark

  1. Very interesting addreses there, I can do more, but I think ten are quite enough.
    The reality is that Internet is moving on every day, and new resources are up an available so we nned to be connected in order to be know all the news in a short time.

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