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Google Glasses Are Coming – You Ready?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past several months you’ve probably heard of Google’s new crazy piece of technology – Google Glass.

What Is It?

Essentially it’s a head mounted display that is supposed to make some of the functionality of a smart phone hands free. The “glass” or display is above the right eye and will show a heads up display containing information like weather predictions, GPS info, and even video communications.

How It Feels To Use Google Glasses

This short video was published by Google directly giving you a first person perspective of what it will be like to use the tech.

When You Can Buy Them

Google plans to release the consumer model by the end of 2013. Developers can get a pair for the low cost of $1500. There’s speculation that the price will be a lot lower by the time of consumer release though.

Public Feedback

Lots of people have had a lot to say about Google glasses. It’s interesting the effect new technology has on people. It seems to segregate us into two camps. Early adopters and skeptics.

One guy even tried to sell a fake pair on eBay. The bidding got as high as $15,900 before the listing got canned.

Some folks think they’ll be a passing fad in technology as depicted by this comic .

Others have some pretty awesome ways they’d like to use the technology in their lives and careers. One person on twitter mentioned wanting to use them during surgical procedures for better documentation and sharing within the medical community. That’s a pretty progressive thought if you ask me.

Check out how some people plan to use Google Glasses here

No matter what you think it’s technology that we’ll get our hands on shortly. Will it change our lives? Maybe it will. Maybe they’ll be just another cool tech toy.

Are you going to buy Google Glasses? Let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Google Glasses Are Coming – You Ready?

  1. Well, it’s happening again. Just as they were in the late 80s, Apple is slowly but surely being surpassed. Their lack of innovation in the recent years is starting to show. The same thing happened 20 years ago when they were surpassed by Microsoft in the market, and now it’s happening again, accept its Google this time. I believe that Glass will be the next big thing. Anyone that doesn’t believe it isn’t that great, obviously hasn’t seen the video. And if even half the people that see it think it’s cool, that’s all that’s needed to make it a hit.

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