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We Just Gave Away $5,000

Meet Arto. Arto made a wise decision a little while back to join the OVA forum. Today he’s $5,000 richer. We’ve got a video of Arto sharing his experience with the OVA forum and how he came to win that nice chunk of change. But first a little back story.

OVAllstars is an Offervault powered forum where newbie and expert affiliate marketers go to share, learn, experience, and most importantly grow as affiliates. Through a wide range of topics, games, and contests we help make you a smarter more profitable affiliate.

One of the hottest spots in the forum is the case study tournament. Every month we award $5K to the OVA member with the best case study. Not too bad for simply creating a forum thread about a campaign, right?

The month of August belonged to Arto. He won the case study tournament with a case study that was meticulously detailed, transparent, and most importantly a fantastic learning tool for his fellow OVA members.

So here’s to Arto! Thank you for your hard work. We’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and are certain there are even bigger things ahead in your affiliate career.

Here’s Arto’s video after he won the case study tourney.

So there you have it.  Top of the line training AND monthly chances to win $5,000 – What could be better than that?

Go here right now and get involved.

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