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A day in the life of web content [Infographic]

You are plugging away, churning out those articles week after week.   If you are like the rest of the blogging world, you either do one of two things:  walk away from your blog and totally not give two shakes about who views it   OR  share that sucker with anyone and everyone you can to watch that view counter grow like crazy.

Did you know that there are 92,000 plus articles posted on the web every single day?  All of which combined have 1.19 billion or more engaged minutes attached to them.  In other words that’s roughly 10 seconds per every person on earth.

That’s INSANE!

Where does all that engagement time or traffic really come from though?   As internet marketers we are concerned with click, click throughs, conversion, etc  but the big one always seems to come back to TRAFFIC.  Because without the juice (traffic) to get your voice heard, or your product viewed you are just a sitting duck  getting all wrinkly from being in the water too long.

Chartbeat actually did a study to answer all those nagging traffic questions – such as:

  • How many articles are being posted online per day? 
  • Where is all the traffic coming from?

Their infographic breaks it down for you:





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  1. Great info graphic I will link to it in my webinar today that I’m doing on creating content so very timely for me thank you

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