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Did GoDaddy go to far with their new “related” video – Bad Marketing?

Last week GoDaddy released a couple of new commercials.  Like many of their past commercials, their objective (I believe) was to send a clear message regarding the ease of creating your own website but yet remain funny and offbeat.

The first of the two commercials, Stick It, starts out with a woman who tells us her story about purchased a domain and built her website all using GoDaddy.com. She’s so enthralled to have accomplished this feat by herself that she tells anyone who didn’t believe in her to stick it. Husband, teacher, neighbor, grandmother and even a passed relative, everyone has to stick it! Ok .. easy enough, not too risky and yet still funny.

The next commercial, “Related,”  is another story – entirely.   It too starts  out with a woman who is happy to have purchased a domain and built her own site with the help of GoDaddy.  However, it seems to all go downhill from there.   In the commercial when the seemingly professional business woman gets her “first customer who isn’t related to [her]” things get awkward (at least for myself as a viewer).

I’m obviously not the only one that has the same opinion-

“Her victory dance consists of sexual moves like pumping the air with her arms and humping her pelvis forward. As if that wasn’t awkward enough for her customer (and us), you can also see that everyone from her (entirely redheaded) family is just as happy as they are all making the same move. …We agree with Barb Rechterman, GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer, when she says that “[her] brand has always been edgy”, but why on earth would you make such an unclassy commercial like this one? The name of the video, the family and the vulgar move sounds like a bad joke where the family seems to be even more related that they should be (i.e. consanguinity).” – says keepmarketingfun 

What are your opinions?  Even though it’s somewhat crude and tasteless, the commercial is still being talked about and remembered.   So – success? Or still a fail?


4 thoughts on “Did GoDaddy go to far with their new “related” video – Bad Marketing?

  1. I have to agree with Joyce above. Although it was stupid it didn’t seem carry the sexual undertones that you mentioned.

  2. Inappropriate, I would fire and press sexual harassment charges against anyone in my work place doing that. The Marketing Director should be fired and the Board should review the executive(s) that approved the ad campaign.

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