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10 Wildly Actionable List Building Strategies That Are Sure to Generate More Subscribers Today

Could you imagine being able to make just one simple change to your site and noticing an instant increase in email subscribers? What if I told you there were 10 of these changes you could make right now to start generating more subscribers today and that each of them would generate more leads for you? Most likely you would probably be very interested in hearing about them. Well today you have struck gold, because I’m going to share each of these 10 strategies with you in this post. These are actionable list building strategies that will surely generate more subscribers for your mailing list.

Use Upgrade Popups

Whether you love them or hate them, popups actually do work. For example, not long ago I added the SumoMe popup to an ecommerce site and its conversions were at 4.50% in just the first day. The conversion rate has stayed reasonably consistent since the addition of the SumoMe popup and without it my sites total conversion rate would have stayed at a measly 2%. Using a popup helped boost the signup rate considerably. To get this result I used a page specific offer to grab the attention of visitors. This can be a post on your blog that has a graphic or attention grabbing headline for a discount that when clicked prompts the visitor to sign up for your list in order to access it. You can use this method for subscription upgrades, informational products or discounted merchandise.

Using Qualaroo to Quickly Build Your List

Qualaroo is a survey tool you may already be familiar with that asks live questions to visitors on your website. Although Qualaroo is a great tool for surveying visitors on your sites, what you might not know is that you can hack Qualaroo to help build your list faster. Instead of polling your visitors what you could do is encourage people to sign up to your email newsletter. It’s great because it can be setup in such a way that you can ask your visitors if they are already subscribed or not to your newsletter and trigger an action such as asking them for their email based on their response.

Increase Your List By Optimizing This Frequently-Ignored Page

Do you require people to double opt-in to join your list? That’s great if so, but unfortunately up to 25% of your subscribers may be slipping through your fingers. If you are wondering why, it’s because for one your confirmation email sometimes gets stuck in their spam filter, two they may have a change of mind, or on the other hand they get distracted and forget to confirm. An easy way around this is to optimize your confirmation page by adding to it the reason they are subscribing, including a call to action and walking them through the steps of confirming their email.

Make Visitors Feel Dumb for Not Opting In

Your visitors should feel a sense of urgency to sign up for your list or better yet feel bad for not signing up at all. What sounds better to you? Making thousands of dollars per week on autopilot or being a bum and eating Doritos on your couch? It may seem like a funny question but these are the types of options highly successful list builders use on many of their opt-in forms. If your buttons’ call to action isn’t good enough, you want the copy for not signing up for your list to be painful.

Use the Alternative to “Social Proof”

Many people say that if you want more people to subscribe to your email list then you need to use social proof. I love this piece of conversion advice but at the same time it drives me crazy. That’s because what if you don’t have a lot of followers or subscribers on your list? Then what do you do? The answer is use testimonials, which are positive individual customer experiences or comments you can showcase on your website in place of social proof.

Use Your Competitors’ Best Conversion Tools

Did you know that there is a way to find out what tools your competitors use to build their email list? Well you do now, because it’s called Build With which is a site that shows you the exact tools your competition uses to track their analytics and build their email list.

Use the Landing Page Funnel Technique

The LPF or Landing Page Funnel Technique is a 2-step process where you first identify the best converting pages on your site and then next design your site to funnel people to those pages that have high conversions.

Turn Your LinkedIn Group into a List Building Pump

LinkedIn is a great tool that can be used for many things, and one of them is list building. If you don’t have a LinkedIn group you should build one and if you do then you can use this technique to build your list even faster. In your welcome email after someone joins your group, you should include a link to confirm their membership which links straight to your well-designed landing page.

8 Words You Can Use to Significantly Increase the Value of Your Giveaway

Giving away a free informational product is a great way to lure people into signing up for your list, but your efforts will be no good if your wording isn’t appealing. I’m sure that you would agree that “Featured Download” sounds a lot more appealing than “Sign up for our mailing list”. Here are the 8 terms you can use to make your giveaway more appealing: Featured, Advanced, Exclusive, Download, Secrets, Access, Limited Time and Special Offer.

Offer a Bonus for Videos on YouTube

When it comes to marketing on YouTube, the conversion rates are in bad shape. To build your list more effectively with YouTube, at the end of your video include an offer that gives viewers free access to exclusive content with an actionable button that sweeps them away to your targeted landing page. This is a simple and quick way to increase your conversion rate on YouTube.


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