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Facebook’s Slingshot hits 2.0

Facebook just can’t stay away from the ephemeral sharing of photos and looping videos. Last week they reintroduced Slingshot, their effort to capture the millennial and teen appeal of Snapchat. They orignally launched Slingshot  back in June.  Many complained that it was too much work compared to it’s chief competitor, Snapchat.

According to The Next Web, “It seems the company has decided to completely change how the app works; when it launched, you could send images to friends, who could only view your image by sending an image back.”  The new Slingshot is easier to use and it borrows heavily from Snapchat Stories, which are compilations that last for 24 hours and can be followed rather than sent, making them a more effective medium for brand messaging.

The new update, which also encompasses the changed requirement to send an image back that occurred back in September, seems to be an overhaul of the app’s entire premise for the better.


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