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New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

It’s almost that time of year again when people around the world are resolving to improve this or that.

Lose weight, exercise more frequently, stop smoking, spend less, etc.   All of those types of resolutions are for the everyday person.   However, what about the entrepreneur?

Sure, do your normal everyday person’s resolutions, like those above, but you should also add in business specific resolutions and goals to help keep you on track in the coming new year.

Inc has listed 5 entrepreneur specific resolutions to get you started:

1.  Improve your SEO  –  “Since Google is constantly making updates to its algorithm, you’re never “done” with SEO. You may want to review some of the best SEO companies out there in case you need help. ”   Many SEO professionals have recently pointed out that companies should start not only optimize in their regular Google efforts but also for Amazon.

2.  Maximize your deductions and credits – Ahh taxes .. YUCK!  Hire yourself a skilled CPA to help you maximize the heck out of your deductions and credits for the coming quarter/year.  Meet with your killer CPA prior to tax season so that you can beat the crazy rush.

3.  Get mobile ready – If you aren’t mobile yet, then you are losing out.  Plan and simple.  Every entrepreneur should have a responsive design for your web presence.   Inc points out, “It is highly recommended that your site load beautifully and quickly on every single device (mobile or not) and browser. Your web developer or manager should be testing for this on a regular basis.”

4.  Revisit your business plan – Go back to your original business plan and analyze where you have succeeded and where you have fallen down.  Re-draft your plan to reflect your current situation.

5.  Aim for work-life balance – The majority of all entrepreneurs lean a little heavy on the work side of life, not leaving enough time to live your life.  That means spending time with family, friends, and YOU!  “If you felt over-worked in 2014, commit yourself to carving out at least one day per week that’s work-free, and a certain number of hours per day for sleep (it’s crucial!) and no-work, friends/family/hobby time,” wisely states Inc.

What are your resolutions for 2015?  

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