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8 Ingredients of a Banging Email Marketing Campaign

It’s New Year de-clutter time at the Cush household.  I’ve been going through old bookmarks, documents, and yes even written notes in an effort to de-clutter my work life.  In doing so, I ran across this article posted back in September 2014 on Entrepreneur.com.  The article is a glory list of 8 ingredients that will boost your email marketing campaign.   And since I just clarified recently that Email Marketing is in fact NOT dead, why not share this somewhat oldie but goodie find with you too.

Vikas Lalwani, a Marketing Analyst and guest writer for Entrepreneur confirms what most of us have already learned the hard way, that email marketing does not follow a set mathematical formula.  There ins’t a single cookie cutter  set of step by step instructions that one can follow to succeed in this areana.  Of course we have all had our fair share of run ins with those Biz Opp guys trying to tell us otherwise and in turn sell us their hot of the presses course on how it’s done.  But the truth of the matter is effective email marketing requires a great deal amount of patience, optimization, testing, and analysis to come to a stage where you can even begin to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Lalwani then listed out 8 of his tried and true ingredients that might help you get to your end goal.

1.  A clear objective

2.  An interesting subject line

3.  A Well thought headline and body content

4.  Appealing design

5.  A compelling call to action

6.  A dedicated landing page

7.  The right time to send

8.  Testing, testing, testing

Without the above you are simply a dead fish in the big pond of email marketing.  Which of the above ingredients list do you use?



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