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5 Habits That Will Keep You Productive During the Holidays

This time of year seems to take a toll on many solopreneur’s productivity.  The weeks and months ahead are often filled with copious amounts of activities that are often just to tempting to pass up.  From picking out pumpkins and costumes to those huge Thanksgiving get-togethers where everyone eats way too much turkey, drinks too much sangria, and passes out while watching football.

Not to worry though, your business doesn’t have to suffer at this time of year.  One just needs to put on their big boy pants, buckle down, and master a few simple habits to not only get you through the holidays but catapult you well into next year.  

Coupled with infographic that we put out a few months back you are sure to stay on track and create a more productive day for yourself:

  1. Tidy up your workspace.

This one might seem silly, but attempting to work with a cluttered or messy workspace might give off the impression that you are a super creative soul, however the truth of the matter is that a chaotic workspace isn’t really helping you get things done.  In fact, visible files or strewn papers often remind you of unfinished tasks.  

According to a study done by Harvard Business Review, people with neat and tidy offices are more persistent and less frustrated.  The study also revealed that clean desks helps to keep you on track with your tasks.  “While it can be comforting to relax in your mess, a disorganized environment can be a real obstacle,” says Grace Chae, a professor at Fox School of Business at Temple University and coauthor of the study.

  1.  Turn off your phone.

Our society has quickly and ruthlessly become dependent on mobile technology to the point of almost obsession.  We bring it with us to meetings, dinners, and yes even to the bathroom.  So unless you fully turn off your phone, it’s going to be a major distraction.  You hear that familiar buzz of an incoming text message, letting your mind wander to who it might be or what it might say.  So hit the power button for at least an hour at a time so that you can give the tasks at hand your full undivided attention.  

  1.  Take a power nap.

While it might be difficult to convince your boss (if you are not yet a true soloprenuer) that taking a daytime nap is a good idea, researchers from the University of Michigan found that taking a daytime nap counteracts impulsive behavior and boosts tolerance for frustration. The findings also suggest that workplace dozers could be more productive.

Personally I plan most of my most busiest days around a short power nap (1 hour).  They help to rejuvenate my brain and hit a mental reset button of sorts.

  1.  Prioritize.

Simple right? Not always and surely not for all of us.  

No matter how much of a superhero that we would believe ourselves to be (or simply aspire to be), we can’t operate at peak performance levels all day long.  That means you will need to prioritize your tasks based on how you are mentally and physically feeling.  For instance when I’m feeling at my best, I’ll slot in some writing time.  On the flip side though if I’m tired and run down from the day (or sleepless night) I’ll do more mindless tasks such as returning emails.  

  1.  Avoid distractions.

Identifying and cutting out these simple distractions for at least an hour at a time will have you making great strides to crossing off those tasks on your list:

  1. Cellphone / Texting
  2. Internet surfing
  3. Social Media  (this is a huge time pull)
  4. Email

Before you pick up that phone to text your friend about who you are picking in the next football pool remember you have goals to meet.  No matter if they are personal career goals or those set forth by your boss, they aren’t going to get accomplished by mindlessly scrolling down your Facebook feed.
How do you plan on beating the holiday production killers?  Tell us your ideas below in the comments.  We would love to hear from you!

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