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Amazon Cracks The Whip On Fake Product Reviews

Amazon seems to have had enough with all the fake product reviews.   They are suing more than 1,000 people who they say are “misleading Amazon’s customers by selling fake reviews of products.”  All this according to a complaint filed by the company in a Seattle court this last Friday.

The lawsuit is specifically targeting account holders on Fiverr.com.

This seems to be round two of Amazon’s plight for justice after they sued several websites in April for selling fake reviews.  They also revealed it had deployed an artificial intelligence system to make sure customers see the most authentic reviews of a product.

“Most of the defendants,” listed as John Doe since Amazon isn’t sure who is behind the Fiverr.com accounts, “offer positive or 5-star reviews for Amazon sellers’ products. Indeed, many encourage the Amazon seller to create the text for their own reviews,” the complaint reads.

Fiverr is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. In a statement to ABC News, a Fiverr representative said: “We actively remove services that violate our terms of use, and respond promptly to any reports of inappropriate content.”

The court documents state that Amazon conducted an extensive investigation into the Fiverr users, claiming some tried to dodge Amazon’s review controls by posting from different accounts and cloaking their IP addresses.

“In at least one instance, the seller of a ‘Verified Review’ was willing to receive an empty envelop, not the product itself, simply to create a shipping record,” the court filing says.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Cracks The Whip On Fake Product Reviews

  1. I am a newbie to this business.I am curios and I am trying to educate myself as well. My question is this. What is considered a fake product? Does it mean a “Physical Product”, “info.Products”, one,both,or neither?

  2. In this article I’m referring to “fake product reviews.” Not fake products but fake reviews. Hope this clears up your confusion.

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