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How the six principles of Cialdini will help you earn with affiliate marketing?

How the six principles of Cialdini will help you earn with affiliate marketing?

Currently, the customers are overwhelmed by a variety of offers. They can be on a walk in the park, browse their social media boards, watch TV, or wait in line for the doctor – everywhere, whether they want it or no, they are the recipients of advertising. What can you do as a publisher to make sure your promotion is effective and won’t be ignored in that number of offers?

In this article, we will take a look at how we can use the principles of persuasion defined by Robert Cialdini for this purpose.

The Six Principles Of Persuasion according to Cialdini

Robert Cialdini is a world-renowned social psychologist who has become famous for his six principles of influence. He based his theory not only on research activity but also on his several years of experience in various organizations, where employees have to convince others to something every day. He worked in advertising agencies, sold cars and was a salesman. He stated that in the vast majority of social situations, people agree to comply with other people’s wishes when the following principles are incorporated into request:

  • reciprocity;
  • social proof,
  • commitment and consistency,
  • liking,
  • scarcity,
  • authority.

These rules are still applied, and you are probably under their influence or use them yourself. You don’t believe it? Let’s analyze each one of them, and you will surely find certain behaviours familiar. Above all, however, we will focus on how to use these methods to maximise your profit.

Remember, influencing others is not the same as manipulating. Manipulation is always aimed at harming people, for example, by persuading them to buy a defective product. Influencing, in turn, is a process which results in a change in people’s behaviour or opinion.

I want to return the favour, so I’m helping you. The principle of reciprocity

If someone does you some courtesy, you will feel obliged to reciprocate. Therefore, when that person asks for your help, you will probably give it without hesitation. The most common example of this rule is a treat given by a hostess, who then proposes to buy a tried product.

Before you convince the customers to your offer, offer them something from yourself. This can be a discount for the next purchase, a free guide, work tool, or interesting information. If you want to collect the contact details of your potential customers, it is worth using Lead Magnet. You can propose them a free bonus in exchange for basic contact information such as name, email address, home address or phone number. In the application form, add the information that by agreeing to get a free bonus, they also agree to receive marketing information. In this way, you will subtly acquire your potential customers’ data. If you have no idea how to build your Lead Magnet, you can take inspiration from templates available on the Internet.

The others have it, so I want it too. Social proof

The principle of social proof is based on the assumption that people are more likely to believe in something that many people use. “That is why our shampoos are recommended by 97% of the women, and 9 out of 10 men chose a particular mechanic.”

Affiliate marketing is practically based on this principle. People are more willing to trust personal recommendations than advertising content. Therefore, when promoting products and services, emphasize the fact that you have already tested them and you are satisfied.  Besides, according to research (D. Jimenez, S. Valdes, M. Salinas, 2019), nearly 60% of people decide to buy products and services on the Internet under the influence of Facebook and Instagram. Take advantage of this and use your social media.

I like you, so I want to work with you. Liking

The third principle is based on the assumption that we like people who are similar to us. How many times have you heard from a salesman that they have the same preferences? Or you bought a product from an attractive person?

In your promotion, share your interests with your audience, similar economic situation, emotional or social. Your age, as well as your physical attractiveness and smile, may also be your allies. Create your image in a way to be attractive for your niche. You can post your photos or write something about yourself, you can highlight each other’s likenesses, and if it fits your channel, you can joke.

You’re above me in the hierarchy, so I trust you. Authority

People who are considered to be an authority, are trusted more, even in industries in which they do not specialise. We generally consider them to be smarter and more experienced. We are similarly affected by symbols of authority, such as scientific titles, uniforms, or white coats.

Present your knowledge and experience. Make your audience believe that you are an expert. Communicate with them regularly, answer questions, recommend solutions – gain their trust. If you have certain awards, certificates, or completed training in a field that is relevant to your traffic sources, it is essential to boast about them. If not, nothing’s lost. All you have to do is highlight your experience. When you recommend trekking equipment, and you have spent two weeks in the mountains under a tent – combine these two facts. Maybe use a photo from your private collection to promote it?

Not everybody can have it, so I want it. Scarcity

When people think that an offer may soon become not valid, they are more willing to use it. This affects the speed of the decision-making process and also smooths it out. After all, they have little time and valuable proposal.

Make use of this knowledge and tell your recipients about the last items in the online shops you promote, introduce a temporary promotion, and if your skills allow you to do so, place a timer that measures the time until the end of the offer.

I’ve done so much, so I want the effects. Commitment and consistency

People are more likely to finish the task they have already started. This is particularly strong when the completion required some effort. But what’s interesting is that the effort doesn’t have to be real and it’s enough to imagine doing it.

You can ask your recipients to think about their current situation, and to make them aware of the costs they have already incurred in a given area of life. Maybe they are looking for the perfect bank offer for some time, but they still haven’t found it? Or they have already spent huge amounts of money on weight loss supplements? Now, offer them your solution that will end their problems. Let them see what a waste it would be if all the money or time they invested was lost.

It is also a good idea to introduce the principle of steps, i.e., to determine in how many stages your recipients will reach their goals. For example, if you promote dating portals, you can write that only a certain number of steps is needed to find true love. If you can, inform them at each subsequent stage that their path has been significantly shortened (i.e. that they have already completed three of the four steps).

Where to use this knowledge?

Since you already know the Cialdini’s six principles of influence, it is worth using them in your promotion. If you have experience with affiliate marketing, you are aware that the number of affiliate networks available on the market is huge. Sometimes it is difficult to find the one that is most suitable and profitable. When choosing, you should check how many years the company has been on the market and what opinions it receives, but most importantly, compare their offers to your expectations. There are networks that focus on one category. If you are sure you want to promote your products and services in only one area, this is a good solution for you. However, if your traffic sources include a variety of categories, it is worth using services with a broader choice.

One of the affiliate networks that target their offer to publishers at different levels of advancement and interests is MyLead. At the end of today’s article, we encourage you to have a look at this company. Currently, it has over 1600 affiliate programs, which divide into several categories. You can browse their offer on our site, where you will see that the campaigns range from entertainment to health and beauty. MyLead provides its publishers with an extensive educational base, tools, bonuses and promotional actions. Also, if you enjoyed today’s article, you’ll be pleased to know that on its blog, MyLead gives professional advice on how to make money online effectively and discusses the latest trends in affiliate marketing. To increase your profits, read it regularly.

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