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How to profit from push ads – Pushground Network Review

How to profit from push ads - Pushground Network Review

Whether you’re an agency, media buyer, or independent marketer, finding the best traffic sources can help guarantee the success of your campaign. This will help ensure engaged visitors that meet your offer’s requirements, which increases your chances of success.

Poor-quality traffic sources may seem more affordable, but visitors from these platforms have a lower chance of converting and this can increase expenses without producing the right results.

Although finding a reliable traffic source is essential, there are dozens of different providers to choose from. In addition to finding a reliable platform that offers quality traffic, media buyers and other marketers need to work with a provider that offers effective ad formats.

In this article, we’ll review Pushground and tell you everything you need to know about this premium network.

Pushground Ad Network Overview

Pushground is a relatively new ad network that was established back in 2018, but it has quickly earned a reputation as one of the best sources of push traffic. The platform creators focused on building an ad network that was convenient and easy-to-use but still delivered great results for affiliates and media buyers. Not only did the Pushground team achieve its goal, but the platform is now used by a global client base to build outstanding affiliate campaigns.

In its early days, Pushground worked exclusively with push notifications, but the company has broadened the list of ad formats. This has transformed it into a comprehensive solution that allows media buyers to run multiple campaigns with different ad formats through the same platform.

In addition to the above, some of the features available to affiliates include:

Immediate Approvals

The reason behind the immediate approvals is that Pushground puts a lot of emphasis on real-time data monitoring. As part of its commitment, the ad network designed a structure whereby affiliates can start launching ads and monitor them in real-time as soon as they sign up, which also helps reduce delay-related losses.

Advanced User Freshness Targeting

With over 14 user freshness groups, Pushground is the only traffic source where you can ensure that your Push ad is the first that users see. User freshness is one of the strongest determinants of conversion rates and CPA. The unique feature helps separate pushground from the rest allowing you to quickly and easily target the top performing traffic.

Knowledgeable Support Team

The customer service team at Pushground offers world-class support through every single step of the process. It doesn’t matter if you want answers to basic questions or looking for the best optimizations strategies, the ad network’s support team will do everything in their power to help you achieve your objectives.

Ideal for Rapid Campaign Scaling

Pushground’s reach is huge and the company works relentlessly to increase the size of its inventory every year. At the time of writing, the platform’s inventory stood at more than 1.5 billion daily push impressions from more than 150 countries.

This means that regardless of the offer or industry you’re working with, Pushground has significant potential for growth. And, the best part is that the quality of the traffic doesn’t fluctuate, so affiliates and media buyers will always have access to engaged audiences.

Auto-Optimization Features Available

Many affiliates and media buyers forget to factor in the amount of time it takes to manage each campaign when working with multiple platforms. The good news is that Pushground members have the ability to set up automatic optimization rules, which means that the platform will make improvements to these campaigns without human input.

Pushground’s auto-optimization was designed to reduce the amount of time marketers spend making improvements, which allows them to manage more campaigns simultaneously.

Types of Traffic Available at Pushground

One of the many reasons Pushground has quickly established itself as one of the leading ad networks is that it specialized in proven ad formats. Instead of offering outdated options, the platform offers the ability to run push notification, in-page push, and native ad campaigns — all of which are known for providing stellar results.

Push Notifications ads

Push ads,  or push notifications ads are among the most engaging ads you can find because they capture users’ attention without being intrusive. Presented along with other notifications on a user’s phone or browser, these ads have the power to create a personal connection that results in a more engaged audience. To learn more about Push ads, check out pushground’s guide to push ads.

There are more than 200 million real active subscribers on Pushground’s network, giving you access to a worldwide audience. While they are not suitable for all industries, push ads are great for dating, fashion, and luxury verticals. That said, you need to keep your content creative and learn how to craft short ads that users find alluring.

In-Page Push

In-page push notifications ads are innovative ads that are presented in the same way as regular push notifications, but they are actually part of the website users are currently visiting. This web-based format is suitable for all operating systems, including iOS and other macOS. 

Additionally, in-page push notifications are part of the website’s code, so they don’t need access to the user’s device. In other words, you won’t have to wait until users subscribe to show them your ads, which allows you to deliver your message in a non-intrusive way while increasing visibility.

What Pushground’s the Top Benefits?

Choosing a reliable ads network that produces consistent results is crucial for media buyers and other affiliates. Pushground is a great alternative because it provides quality traffic regardless of the size of your campaign, plus it allows full campaign control through a variety of intricate setting options.

Furthermore, some of the top benefits of working with Pushground include:

User-Friendly Ad Formats

Push notifications, in-page pushes, and native ads are known for being non-intrusive and for creating a positive experience, making them extremely user-friendly ad formats. But, even though these formats are not aggressive, Pushground has found creative ways to make these ads stand out and produce stellar results without compromising the user experience.

Robust Security Features

Ad fraud and cybercrime in general are becoming one of the biggest threats to marketing specialists across the world. Pushground has vouched to create a safe environment for all stakeholders, so the ad network has invested heavily in filtering out bot traffic in real-time as well as other security features that ensure a transparent ecosystem.

What’s more, the ads network continuously developers new features to keep up with innovative forms of fraud and allows members to monitor suspicious traffic manually.

Quality Traffic that Converts

The main goal of all affiliate marketing campaigns is to make money, regardless if it’s through immediate sales or via long-term branding campaigns. Therefore, the most important thing for marketers is to find a platform that provides quality traffic.

Not only does Pushground have a massive reach in terms of audience size, but the platform has also partnered with high-quality publishers that only provide top-notch traffic. This translates to higher-than-average conversions, ROI, and other key metrics.

Targeting Capacities

Aside from quality traffic, Pushground has also earned a reputation for providing superb targeting capacities. Conventional push notifications and native ads campaigns can target users based on device type, location, and other demographic information. And, in addition to these targeting features, in-page push notifications allow marketers to place ads in iOS devices — which is a luxurious commodity in the affiliate world.

Attractive Creatives Produced Through a Superb Interface

Unlike outdated networks that force you to build creatives on third-party platforms and then upload them, Pushground allows you to create push and native ads through its user-friendly interface. Each ad you create is labeled with a number (version 1, version 2, etc.), which allows you to easily see which ones are providing the best results.

Super-Affordable Rates

Some affiliates feel anxious about trying push notifications because they usually cost more than other formats. Fortunately, Pushground has found the perfect combination of quality and affordability, with super-low minimum deposit requirements and bids starting at $0.001. Additionally, you can also set a frequency cap that prevents your campaigns from overrunning your budget.

Pushground Pros and Cons for Advertisers

Lastly, let’s look at its pros and cons of Pushground. 


Instant approvals

Customizable auto-optimization rules

Massive reach and scalability

Anti-fraud protection

Robust targeting options

Advanced user targeting

CPC starting at $0.001

Intuitive interface

Dedicated support for every advertiser


Limited ad formats/no pops or native traffic options

Minimum deposit of $100

No CPA targeting options

Choosing the best ads network may not be easy, but after thoroughly reviewing the platform, our verdict is that Pushground is indeed one of the best ad networks for affiliates.To learn more about Push ads, check out Pushground’s Blog

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