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Review of Indoleads CPA Network

Review of Indoleads CPA Network

Anyone who has tried working with Google AdSense knows how perfect and easy it seems, but how uneasy it actually is to earn with it. The main obstacle is that there is no personal touch with automatized ads and users feel overwhelmed with numerous ads flashing before their eyes.  Additionally, your account can be shut down at any time for reasons ranging from policy violations to click fraud. That’s why If you’re only monetizing your site with Google AdSense ads, this could result in a huge loss of income.

Luckily, there is an alternative and it’s called affiliate marketing. You’d probably say: nah, too much time-consuming, searching for affiliate programs, going through moderations… But that’s because you haven’t worked with some of the best CPA networks. Indoleads is definitely one of them.

Let’s take a sneak peek.  

Indoleads is a premium CPA network, featuring:  

  • 2000+ affiliate programs
  • Top brands and companies launch their affiliate programs here: Nike, Farfetch, Zalora, Missoma, Etihad Airways, Mercado Bitcoin, etc.
  • 6 offices in different countries
  • 182 GEOs
  • 60 000 affiliates 
  • $4500 – an average affiliate marketing income of their affiliates/that’s how much publishers make here on average per month
  • $127 000 – that’s how much top affiliates can make per month

They have been on the market for quite some time, being headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and spreading their business to other continents as well. In the beginning the big focus was on Southeast Asian offers, but now they have all profitable GEOs under their belt.    

Starting to earn with Indoleads

It’s easy to start working here. 

1. Go to the main page:

2. Click “Sign Up” and register in a few clicks:

3. Your personal manager will be in touch with you almost immediately and after a quick moderation you will get an access to the platform with 2000+ offers and a unique Marketplace.

All popular payment models are represented here: CPA, CPS, CPL and hybrid ones. You can easily filter the offers by payment models, allowed traffic types, GEOs, verticals or just enter keywords in a search bar. 

4. Choose any offer you like and see all the details.

  • The metrics:

  • Detailed payouts, conversions distribution and promo codes:

5. After making up your decision simply click on “apply for the offer” and start promoting it.

Why do thousands of affiliates work with Indoleads and why you should too

  1. A variety of high-quality hand-picked offers from both big brands and local companies which are highly popular in some particular regions. Indoleads is hitting big on e-commerce, but is widening the selection of offers in other verticals too: finance, travel, software, education, betting, e-sports, etc.    
  2. Constantly updated catalog of offers: sometimes you think “I wish they had this brand”, and believe it or not they launch it! 
  3. Exclusive offers: some affiliate programs are represented only and solely here. For instance, Etihad Airways which converted crazily during the FIFA World Cup. Jemlit, Mytrip.com, Radisson Blu Hotels are among the hottest exclusives too.
  4. Personal manager: having a personal manager is something you never think of as a necessity until you have one. A personal manager can help you with technical issues, advising on promoting some particular offers given your traffic sources, and they are always available in case you have any questions or concerns regarding the platform, money withdrawal and so on.
  5. Flexible methods of money withdrawal: we are all here for money, so how fast and easy you can get your earnings is crucial. Indoleads transfers your money using two main methods: Paypal and wire transfer. The threshold is minimum compared to other networks: $50 for Paypal and $100 for wire transfer. You can apply for money withdrawal from your personal account and voila! Money is here!

Wrapping it Up: do we recommend Indoleads CPA network?

Yes. By the way, they never miss the trends and play it wisely with the most hyped verticals: check out their Best niches in 2023  post. Our team likes their selections of the best converting programs for different GEOs and verticals – they’re on point, precise, without watering down the content. 

Happy affiliate marketing to everyone and sign up at Indoleads! The holiday season is in full swing, and they’re gonna have the biggest deals ever!

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