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PropellerAds Becomes a Multisource Platform

PropellerAds Becomes a Multisource Platform

PropellerAds, one of AdTech Holding’s leading projects has been on the market for 11 years now and is continuing to grow.

Not so long ago, the platform reached the 12 billion daily impression mark across all its formats – an astounding feat for a company that was already a known industry leader.

Today, PropellerAds is scaling its technological capacities, as well as marketers’ scaling opportunities through its innovative use of artificial intelligence and machine learning integrations on their platforms.

Driven to deliver unique advertising technology solutions to media buyers and performance marketers alike, the company is helping professionals surpass business goals by targeting the most relevant users with ease.

What is a Multisource Platform?

On a mission to continue this impressive growth and service to marketing professionals, PropellerAds is now providing access to new supply partners and this way becoming a multisource ad platform.

As of 2022, multiple exclusive, well-tested traffic sources are now accessible via a single advertiser account. This is the multisource element of PropellerAds’ latest updates.

Alongside this, PropellerAds has updated its technological system to ensure maximal transparency with its existing and future customers. Customers can continue to use PropellerAds’ platform with the added assurance that they understand the technology they are using 100%!

The Details on PropellerAds’ Latest Update

The PropellerAds system has been enhanced to further delight customers by helping them scale campaigns for multiple channels, including those never used before. Some of these updates include:

  • Making it easier and faster to add new traffic supply partners.
  • Improved features and steps to add new traffic types and bidding models to the platform.
  • Utilizing the latest technology that helps our system process numerous users and data online and match the most relevant ones with our advertisers’ offers.


Will Anything Change for PropellerAds Clients?

As always, PropellerAds’ focus remains the same – quality of traffic available via the platform.. Existing clients won’t see drastic changes, except for an increase in traffic.

PropellerAds is continuing to prioritize traffic quality with regular, dedicated checks that ensure that all our partners’ traffic meets high standards, and best suits your business goals.

Not only are they able to ensure a high standard of traffic quality, but PropellerAds sets itself apart from other networks with its commitment to complete transparency with its customers.

Customers can rest easy with this multisource update, knowing that PropellerAds will continue to provide transparent information on traffic sources, performance, and more.

What Benefits can PropellerAds Clients Expect?

PropellerAds clients will be pleased to find out that the major benefits they can expect include:

  • A lot more traffic.
  • Increased ad performance.

PropellerAds’ global ad platform will keep providing its clients with access to an enormous amount of high-quality traffic. With over 12 billion impressions served daily on their platform, PropellerAds ensures that your ads will be seen by a wide range of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Keeping Up with PropellerAds’ Tech and Growth

PropellerAds is growing from strength to strength with this update and is continuing to expand its reach and services to benefit clients.

Further technological updates are on the horizon like big advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning integrations on their ad platform.

It’s clear, that keeping up with PropellerAds’ tech and growth is no small feat, but for the savvy marketer, trying this platform could mark the difference between huge growth and stagnation on your website.

If you’re ready to level up your advertising, check out PropellerAds today!

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