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3 Reasons Why You Should STOP Using Google Adsense

While Adsense is one of the top ad networks out there, chosen by many who want to make money, it has a series of limitations and regulations that don’t make it particularly inclusive. Not every publisher or advertiser meets their requirements.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider switching from Adsense to an alternative ad network, like Adport:

1. Revenue Share

With Adsense, publishers receive only up to 68% of revenue share for displaying ads. Simultaneously, Google’s commission for advertising can range from 20 cents up to $15 per click. Smaller brands and publishers with a smaller amount of traffic can have a hard time making money under those conditions.

Alternative ad networks usually offer better revenue shares. Adport has the highest in the market: 85%. And they start depositing publishers’ and advertisers’ payments once they receive only a $50 threshold, unlike Google, which has a $100 threshold established.

2. Account approval & personalized support

To use Adsense, the account has to be approved by Google, which is challenging and takes time. Not every vertical is accepted within the platform, and any kind of violation leads to the account being taken down.

Adport is a much more inclusive platform: accounts are approved almost immediately, and there are no vertical restrictions. Also, if you need help, there are dedicated account managers to offer personalized support and give you tips on how to increase your monetization.

3. Variety of ad formats

Although effective, Adsense offers a very limited variety of non-customizable ad formats. If you want to push your ads one step further or have ads blend with your content, give one of Adport’s six ad formats a try. They’re made to be versatile and creative, to fit any type of advertising and marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for a softer strategy, with ad formats that draw attention but blend in with the user’s experience, Adport offers push notifications, in-page push notifications, and rich media ads. They’re almost completely customizable and you even have 4 different rich media skins to choose from.

If you’re going for a more aggressive approach, they offer pops and interstitial ads – with two different skins that promote higher user engagement.

If it seems like too much of a risk to just quit using Adsense, try combining it with Adport and compare the results. At Adport, registration is free and both publishers and advertisers can start making money today.

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