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Niche Spotlight Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee bean extracts and supplements are booming. This is a major rising trend niche.

Recent research has shown that unroasted coffee beans (green coffee beans) may help with weight loss. And if there’s one thing American’s like, it’s a diet pill.

Green Coffee Beans Interest

That news combined with a recent private label offering by Nutraceuticals manufacturing has led to an explosion in green coffee bean exposure.

#1 Green Coffee

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Network: Clickbooth
Lead ($) : 47.00
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Green Coffee Beans Lander 1

#2 Pure Green Coffee Bean

Advertiser: http://www.igreencoffeebean.com
Network: CPA Prosperity
Lead ($) : 43.00
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Green Coffee Lander 3

Demographics (click to enlarge)
Via http://puritan.com

green coffee demographics
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6 thoughts on “Niche Spotlight Green Coffee Beans

  1. Love it. I’ve been killing it with this niche and just upgraded into my own product. NaturesGreenCoffee.com

    This Niche Spotlight is ALWAYS ahead of the curve

  2. I’ve had some success with this niche as well, we are looking at some different traffic sources to see if we can max out with product and turn it into steady income stream.

  3. I upsell a vendor contract that sold a ton of green coffee. Looking for a marketing partner with capital to grow my existing marketing company.

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