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Twitter Now Has A Mobile Ad Exchange

twitter buys mopub

Big news coming out of Twitter today. They’ve bought Mopub, a mobile ad exchange managing thousands of publishers. This a big move for Twitter adding a sizeable mobile reach.

What This Means For Twitter Advertisers

You may be sitting there saying “so what? I can already do mobile ads on Twitter.” That’s true but Mopub will amplify how well you do that.

MoPub as a business works with a number of publishers to help them maximise sales and performance on their mobile ad inventory. For now, it’s unclear whether a Twitter deal would mean that Twitter would become the exclusive customer, so to speak, of this technology, or whether Twitter would use it as a way of branching out its own social graph on to other sites, and other Twitter clients. Given the reports that Twitter has been positioning itself to offer more location-based advertising, MoPub’s own activities in the area  of location-based mobile advertising make sense as a good fit for that strategy.

More reach + more tools to improve ROI = a stronger advertising solution for you and I. That’s a beautiful thing.

Are you using Twitter’s mobile ad product now? How does it work for you?

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