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PayPerCallers.com is Your Gateway to the Pay Per Call Community

PayPerCallers.com is Your Gateway to the Pay Per Call Community

Here at OfferVault we understand better than most that many affiliates have been left behind on the recent explosion of growth in the Pay Per Call space. So what exactly can an affiliate do to catch up with this latest industry shift?

For starters, we found this article – What is Pay Per Call? – by industry leaders, Ringba, to be packed with incredible insights and resources. Another outstanding resource we’ve come across is a full-fledged forum dedicated to the Pay Per Call community, PayPerCallers.com.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Those who have been active in the affiliate space know this all too well. A vast wealth of knowledge and diligent efforts will get you very far with most things in life, yet in the world of affiliate marketing, who you know can often impact results as much as or more than hard work.

That is ultimately where the value lies in a community like PayPerCallers.com. By engaging this online community of Pay Per Call fanatics, professionals, and the like, you can give yourself a massive head start on your path towards Pay Per Call success.

Even those affiliates and Pay Per Call networks who are already active in the Pay Per Call space have something to gain from networking and engaging on the Pay Per Callers Forum.


The Pay Per Call Masterclass

Exclusive to the Pay Per Callers Forum, you will find a sub-forum entirely dedicated to the famed Pay Per Call Masterclass by Ringba. On the Pay Per Call Masterclass sub-forum you’ll be able to find the entire Masterclass, as well as the opportunity to communicate directly with the class instructor.

Pay Per Call Masterclass course modules include:

  • Introduction to Pay Per Call
  • Getting Started with Pay Per Call
  • Pay Per Call Copywriting and Advertising
  • Starting Your Pay Per Call Business
  • Scaling Your Pay Per Call Business


Got an Issue? The Pay Per Callers Forum is Here to Help!

Beyond networking, at the heart of community participation is the ability to engage like-minded individuals when you’ve hit a speed bump. Introduce yourself, whether you are new to Pay Per Call or not, tell the community who you are, and how they can help – you’ll be surprised by how powerful community engagement can be in this space.

Create relationships and friends in the Pay Per Call industry. Pay Per Call is a very human-intensive pursuit, and embracing the spirit of collaboration is critical. The power of networking while learning the ropes simply cannot be understated.


Find the Calls You Need, Sell the Calls You’ve Got

One of the best things about the Pay Per Callers Forum is the ability for call buyers to connect with call sellers, and vice versa.

Here are a few pointers on how you can do that:

  • Always include contact information
  • Clearly describe what you are interested in e.g. “I’m looking for 100 flight booking calls, daily”
  • Provide some background on your business and activity in the Pay Per Call space
  • Always include your payment terms


Add Value Whenever You Can

You can liken this to the golden rule of camping: always leave a place nicer than when you found it. You’re encouraged to use all of the incredible resources available on the Pay Per Call Forums to your own benefit, but you should never turn away from the opportunity to contribute value back to the community.

At the end of the day, this is the foundational premise of all effective online communities. The massive base of value on the Pay Per Callers Forum was formed around the principle of centralizing the industry’s top insights and resources into a single community, and that will continue to be the case as long as this spirit of sharing persists.

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