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3 Lead Gen Offers 3 Niche Ideas

Gettin sick of generating offer ideas or niches to work in? Today we’re taking a second to preview a few lead gen offers listed in OfferVault. The best part is that all three are currently paying out more than $20 per lead.

3 Lead Gen Offers 3 Niche Ideas

#1 Penny Auction

Advertiser: http://www.BidCactus.com
Network: Globalizer
Lead ($) : $70.00
OfferVault Listing: click here
Primary Keywords:

  • auction sites
  • penny auctions
Screenshot of Landing Page
bidcactus landing page

#2 Home Security Quotes

Advertiser: http://www.quotesforsecuritysystems.com
Network: Shareasale
Lead ($) : $25.00
OfferVault Listing: click here
Primary Keywords:

  • home security
  • security systems
  • security companies
Screenshot of Landing Page
home security quotes landing page

#3 Credit Report

Advertiser: ThinkCreditReports.com
Network: Clickbooth
Lead ($) : $28.00
OfferVault Listing: click here
Primary Keywords:

  • free credit score
  • credit reports
  • credit scores
Screenshot of Landing Page
credit report landing page

Good luck with your campaigns!

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