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Twitter Marketing and You

Today, boys and girls, we’re going to be talking about Twitter — for better or worse.

Like many social networks/platforms, you see, Twitter is a funny thing – at least in terms of people’s opinions on it. It seems that people are either in love with it or they can’t frigging stand it – with literally no grey area in between.

I actually used to be on the “can’t stand it” side of the fence — mainly because I was all set with knowing just how many bowls Frosted Mini-Wheats my friends were having for breakfast and such. But as Twitter evolved over the years, so did my opinion on it (amongst many others).

Believe it or not, a lot of different people in the online marketing industry didn’t think Twitter would ever really be a very viable option for making money. But as it evolved as a social platform, so did the many different opportunities and avenues where one could make money with it.

Upon looking deeper behind the (initially – at least for me) annoying facade of the proverbial Twitter curtain, there’s some serious potential and opportunity to make money on there. Not that this is breaking news or anything in the slightest, but if you’re just getting into the industry and you’re wondering if Twitter is even worth your time… it is. It definitely is. But it’s going to take some work.

Signing up for a Twitter account is as easy as signing up for any social networking account and it’s also, of course, completely free. Gaining followers is also quite easy (even easier if you go the “get auto-bots to automatically follow you in return for following them route). However, gaining enough followers to make your Twitter account a viable vessel to make money with is a bit more difficult and time-consuming.

As with nearly every aspect of online marketing, your best bet for Twitter marketing success is to specialize in some kind of super-specific niche. Don’t go the ever-perilous route of trying to cater to half a billion people because you think that will get you followers more quickly. There are enough people using Twitter these days to make gaining a substantial amount of followers in even the most seemingly laser-targeted niches a cinch.

Again, though, you’re not going to find yourself swimming in the Benjamin’s without any kind of work or time investment on your part. You’re going to have to do your homework and perform a moderate amount of research – on both niches and popular Twitter users in said niches – to truly give yourself the best opportunity for success.
A quick Google search on the subject should provide you with an ample amount of resources for said research, but in the interests of pointing you in the right direction initially, head on over to WeFollow.com. This site will enable you to take a look at the top Twitter tags in regards to how many followers they each have in addition to a ton of other fully customizable data. It’s good stuff and even doubles/triples as a great resource for doing research on nearly every other conceivable social network as well.

Outside of promoting your own products or services on Twitter, or promoting via landing page/CPA means, there are actually several places where you can actually get paid for your tweets. How many followers you have and how niche-specific your followers list is will obviously have a great impact on just how much you’ll get paid per tweet, but it’s still a viable option even for relatively new Twitter accounts to earn some extra side cash. A good starting point if you’re interested in this method is the aptly titled, PaidPerTweet.com.

Unfortunately, there exists no service at the moment where one can flip or sell their Twitter accounts completely. But considering the ever-growing popularity of Twitter, we should expect some kind of service like this soon. Alternatively, you could always try and do so on the “black market” so to speak, but that’s definitely not recommended as you may run into some trouble with the official Twitter brass on that front.

All in all, Twitter continues to grow both in popularity and potential when it comes to making money online. In the end, just how useful and lucrative it is for you is up to… well, you!

3 thoughts on “Twitter Marketing and You

  1. You are so right, people either love Twitter or (well) hate it. I think the biggest obstacle is that most people don’t understand it and how to use for marketing. Like any other social platform, or even business for that matter, you need to have a robust number of followers, traffic, or in the case of a physical business – contacts or walk-ins.

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