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Bye, Bye Beloved Inbox. Try These Replacements.

It’s a sad, sad time for all those Inbox users, since the innovative email system shut down at the end of last month. The app that once radically rethought how email should work has shut down for good. Gone are our reminders! Snoozing! And bundles! Never fear, all of these go to perks have now been completely absorbed into Gmail.

If you were a deeply invested Inbox user, don’t fret, we have some replacements that might dry your tears. There isn’t a perfect one-to-one replacement, but there are lots of email apps out there that might make you even happier than you were with Inbox.


This should be an obvious choice. The smart features like email snoozing, smart replies, and nudges have now made their way back to Gmail, both on the web and in the mobile apps.Gmail certainly has its downfalls, but lots of what people enjoyed in Inbox  has mades their way into Gmail. Most of all, Gmail seems highly unlikely to shut down before Google itself does


Way back when in the land of long long ago world wide web, Outlook and its predecessor, Hotmail, were internet laughingstocks. Outlook has actually become a very good email app, and has for sometime now.  Its most notable quality is it’s Focused inbox. The focused inbox prioritizes emails it deems most urgent. Besides Focused inbox, Outlooks also is loaded with other features such as: quick calendar access and persistent response bar.

A couple other contenders are Edison, and Spark which are available both in Google Play or the Apple Store.

Has the demise of Inbox affected you or your business? If so, please let us know how you have been coping with your lose.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash


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