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7 Reasons You need To Let The Data Call The Shots In Your Marketing

Great… Just what you needed right now. Right? Ol’ Caitlynne coming along and telling you how much you need to change your approach to this whole online marketing thing. Just as you were starting to not suck at doing it the old way.. Sorry. It’s kinda my job, but I’ll make it worth

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Facebook to Offer Mobile Ads – HUGE Opportunity

Another piece of news on the mobile marketing front…and once again another opportunity to potentially cash in huge. According to the Financial Times, Facebook is set to launch advertising on mobile devices.  This comes as no surprise for a few reasons: 1 – Facebook is looking to increase revenues any way possible

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Beat the FaceBook Review Problem

Sick of Getting Your Ads Rejected by Facebook?  Try this… Any affiliate marketer doing volumes that utilizes facebook as a traffic source has dealt with facebook banning ads.  Facebook can be very ban-happy, especially when dealing with ads placed by affiliate marketers. There are of course many techniques and strategies for trying

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